U.S, you continue to astound me

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So, there’s no measures being put in place so that overseas military personnel can reliably get their absentee ballots on time and submit them– but NASA personnel can?

Amazing, what is this? Shiny new toy gets more attention or what?

Many people stationed in Iraq did not received their absentee ballots in a timely manner. I can’t find the exact news link now, but there were Marines who still did not get their ballots as late as a week before the election — when it usually takes about three weeks for mail to arrive back in the U.S.

Then there’s the fascinating fact that some absentee ballots won’t be counted and there’s been a record of this happening before.

All I can say is, WTF mate?

They’re good enough to die for their country, but they don’t get to vote for their commander in chief?

Good game, U.S, good game.


Barack Obama, President — I’m giddy with joy

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I’m not in the least bit ashamed to say that I was near tears when I saw the headlines yesterday night and this morning.

It just feels amazing, absolutely fantastic.

No, I don’t know if he’s going to be “the One” and I’m not positive he’s going to be able to turn this country around within the next four years, “heal the land, turn the tide” and such hyperbolic rot.

What was awe-inspiring, truly, was the shift in consciousness that allowed a black man to be voted in as President of the United States. The amount of concern coming from overseas that was evidenced by the jubilant posts on fivethirtyeight.com was staggering. I knew that people cared, yes, but I had no idea that they were also waiting with bated breath for the election results.

All I hope now is that he can live up to people’s inflated expectations of him. But then again, it’s not just him, it’s us. As the voters chanted when he won: “Yes, we did!”

Now that people have realized the power they hold, maybe there’s a much brighter future on the horizon. Perhaps it’s time for me to start printing out those citizenship application forms. :)



It’s not a culture war — although people are trying damn hard to make it so

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I keep hearing that it’s a class war regarding the dichotomy in place for the election.

About how the Walmart moms, pregnant teens, and single mothers are voting for Palin. As opposed, of course, to the high-browed elitists who are voting for Obama. Oh yeah, those, what was it, double digit numbers of Nobel prize winners who endorsed Obama?

Sure, the class divisions in the U.S make it so it might as well be a culture war. But that’s an overly simplistic way of looking at it, because if you ask either side in the end, they will both declare with their dying breath that they must be as American as one could possibly be.

Caesura has mentioned on occassion how USians don’t like using technology. They’ll use it, and once they latch on they’ll cling to it as stubbornly as any barnacle — but they’re not interested in it for its own sake. Unlike the Japanese or the Chinese, who adore all things gadgety and can’t wait to upgrade every single item in their household — the USians seem distinctly unwilling to embrace high-tech options. Case in point: USians, even the ones who often eat rice, cook then in pots on the stove. The Japanese and Chinese have rice cookers with computer chips in them. Just saying.

In contrast, wheras over reliance on technology is looked down upon, the old admiration for those “frontier men and women” is still very much in play. No one is looked on with more respect that someone who can “rough it”, someone who can wrestle Mother Nature into submission, someone who is like — McCain and Sarah Palin.

All American is not an Ivy League diploma, a foreign name, a propensity for long words. It’s going to the State college, heavy participation in school sports, barbequing with meat you killed yourself, and being willing “buck it all, fight the trend”. Cuz that’s what we did when we threw off the cruel yoke of England and carved a life for ourselves on the Oregon trail — innit?

It’s not a culture war. I’m starting to think it’s not even really a class war. It’s a war between forward-thinkers and people caught up in their own damn nostalgia.


Voting system isn’t fair — but is “cheating” justifiable?

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I and my flat-mates, all five of us, have recently moved from Wooster, OH to Somerville MA. There was some question as to where they would register to vote.

Zora doesn’t think it’s right to vote absentee for Ohio, whereas Caesura, Kell and Zack were considering it for a brief period

It turns out that some Obama supports are trying to get people to change their registrations from NY to OH because “their vote won’t count for as much” when voting in NY as in OH.

I’m wondering — how “right” is that?

Sure, it isn’t fair that Ohio voter’s votes count for more under the current voting system. In fact, it’s ludicrous that a candidate who carries the popular vote might still lose the election. Is that fair? Is it true democracy for the majority to suffer under McCain and Palin just because the voting system is outdated and broken?

For us, personally, I’d say that I support voting absentee Ohio because we’ve lived there for at least the past 4 years for four of us and Caesura has lived there for most of his life.

But for people who might never have even been to Ohio — is that right? Somehow, this smacks too close to the game of “massaging numbers” that Bush was accused of. Y’know, those “broken” voting machines that keep popping up oh so innocuously. Not that anything has been proven, but those rumors are damn hard to quash. Unlike the “Obama is a muslim” one, which is easily checked via multiple sources.

The more Palin/McCain I see, the more I’m starting to drift towards “the ends definitely justify the means”.


Why I would rather slit her cartoid artery than vote for Palin…

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Disregarding that I can’t vote — I was going to say my cartoid artery, but honestly, I don’t think I’d pick slitting my own throat above voting for Palin. Just saying — duty to the world and all, but that don’t help much when I’m ded, do it?

There’s just something about Palin that brings out the redneck in me, next thing I know I’ll be saying I don’t got no learnin’.

  1. She’s a filthy liar.
    - Lied about Bristol’s pregnancy at first.
    - Lied about saying “no thanks” to the Bridge to nowhere
    - Lied about being willing to support any investigation regarding Wooten, or Troopersgate.
    - Claimed to be anti-earmark, only to ask for more earmark dollars per person than any other state.
    - Says she’s anti “good ol’ boys“, except she hires her friends at high salaries for jobs they don’t necessarily qualify for.
    - Supposedly full of integrity, she billed the state for 312 nights spent in her own home.
    - Ms Squeaky Clean also billed the state for trips her family made, including flying her family out to attend the Iron Dog snowmobile race Todd Palin was participating in. Her daughter’s expenses alone totaled 25,000 whilst her husband spent 19,000.
    - Lied about visiting Ireland and Iraq.
  2. Apparently fires people just because.
  3. She’s pro-life, even in cases of rape.
  4. Left Wasilla in DEBT when it wasn’t in debt when she became mayor.
  5. Opposes explicit sex-ed, even in the face of it clearly not working for her own daughter — or herself.
  6. Made rape victims pay for own rape kits. *Can I say, BITCH?
  7. About that really wierd flying from Texas to Alaska to give birth bit… I honestly think that it makes her look like a psychopath.
  8. Her speeches to date have either been full of lies, stupidty, intent on maligning Obama, or all three. Hardly a stellar performance.
  9. She sucks as a mother. I’ve been there, said that.
  10. Todd Palin was carbon-copied official state business. Before people start bringing out Hillary Clinton, I’d like to point out that at least Bill Clinton’s aides weren’t direct emailing her all the official business OR having her sit in on cabinet meetings constantly. Even if Bill Clinton said that he’s sit in on cabinet meetings if asked to — he also said it probably wasn’t a great idea for him to be a constant official presence. Not to mention, whereas Hillary Clinton was a lawyer in her own right and probably had good input — I doubt that Todd Palin should be giving any advice in terms of experience and knowledge on top of probably shouldn’t be doing it in the first place. Furthermore, the fact that they used private email accounts are a good indication that they knew it was a bad idea and still did it.
    I just think this makes them sketchier than they already were – as if that were possible, really.

Mostly, it’s that she’s a filthy liar. I don’t believe she has any integrity and the scandals that are pouring out of the woodwork are showing it.

The frightening part of this is that everyone thinks she’s so great, so much so that it seems like more people support SP than support McCain.

For crying out loud, she’s, if not a total psychopath who is incapable of speaking the truth, a total fake. She is not compassionate, the girl next door, or someone who will look out for the average citizen.

And for those people who posted on Salon.com saying that they’re going to vote for her because her husband is hot and because she proves that women can have it all…I think you should all be taken out of the gene pool, pronto.