Amazing Grass’ Amazing Meal (Chocolate infusion)

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I was running late today and didn’t have time for a meal, so I grabbed a container of Amazing Grass’ Amazing Meal off the shelf at Harvest Co-op.

*shell-shocked face* It was 47.99 for a mere 15 servings. I knew it was that expensive when I took it off the shelf, but I didn’t expect the container, which is pretty big, to be only about half-full.

To be perfectly frank, I am feeling a wee bit cheated. I honestly probably wouldn’t have bought it if I had known.

At 15 servings, it comes out to slightly over three dollars per serving. Bit pricey.

On Amazon, it’s 31.03, which makes it slightly above two dollars, which is much, much better.

Harvest Co-op, you’re making me sad with how much I want to support you and how much your prices differ from everyone else’s. More than 15 dollars more expensive? Really? :(

I mixed it with organic whole milk, not using the full 10 ounces, and thought it was pretty drink-able. Not amazingly chocolate-y, but enough that I could chug it without feeling too “healthy”. Definitely not something I’d savor though.

It did mix up pretty smooth, with little of the icky things like clumps that just won’t die and had a good texture.

All the reviews I read said that they felt energized and full for a long time after they drank it. I drank it at about 2pm and didn’t feel particularly full afterwards and now at near 4pm I’m feeling positively hungry. Meal replacement? Perhaps not.

Also, I’m still feeling really sleepy so that whole energizing thing? Nah.

Noting, a lot of the reviews I read were done around 2009 and were done with free samples. I’m wondering how much of their glowing reviews was based off of psychosomatic happy feelings on getting a relatively good tasting drink to experiment with, how much of it was due to them being people who were already pretty healthy to begin with ( also known as the raw/vegan/scary type who CAN easily subsist off of meal replacement shakes) and how much of it was that Amazing Grass had a better product back then and has since declined in quality.

Not to be cynical, but I’ve noticed that the first year or so of a company putting out a product, they tend to have amazing stuff, and then it usually goes downhill after that. And then there are the others that get bought out and just suck after that. Naked Juice, Burt’s Bees, I’m looking straight at you.

Meh. I guess I’ll finish this container since I already paid for it, but I doubt I’ll be back for more.

Two stars for taste and convenience.