My rating system


1 star:    Almost inedible, or couldn’t stomach more than a few bites.
2 stars:  It was ok, but hardly what I would call good food. Would not order again unless I developed a severe craving.
3 stars:  Good, solid taste. I might or might not order this again, but it didn’t make it onto my favorites.
4 stars:  One of my favorites, I’d order this every time I came here.
5 stars:  Amazing food. The stuff that makes me want to do a car trip just so I can get more if I ever moved.


1 star:   I couldn’t even bring myself to finish it.
2 stars: It was ok. I finished it, but it has severe problems with it.
3 stars: I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t a great book. Edible fluff, but not good enough to keep.
4 stars: Good book. I enjoyed it and I’ll be happy to reread it in the future. Might check out this author when I run out of books.
5 stars: Great book. Going on my favorites shelf and I’m going to find all this author’s other books and read them as well.


1 star:    You couldn’t pay me to come back and eat here.
2 stars:  I’d eat here if there were no other alternatives and I was starving.
3 stars:  I’d happily eat here, but it’s not my first choice.
4 stars:  One of my “regulars”.
5 stars:  I dream of going back and it’s a regular craving.

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