Wish List

Mostly for self-reference, but feel free to send a gift. :P

For someone to call Broken Rocks Cafe in Wooster to ask them for their recipe for Louisiana Shrimp. (330) 263-2949


Pop quiz math clock

Sand Timer

Uni-ball Signo Dx blue black

Uni-ball Signo Dx green black

Uni-ball Signo Dx brown black


Gloveshop in Vienna and other stories

Instead of chicken, instead of turkey

Magic Bites

Magic Burns

Magic Strikes

Magic Bleeds

On the Edge

Dark and Stormy Knights

How to cook everything vegetarian $21.71

How to cook everything $21.73

The lost ravioli recipes of Hoboken $10.85

Kitchen tools:

Kitchen scale $38.31

Global knife roll 44.95

Cast iron casserole $76.45

Global utility knife 45.95

Global sashimi knife 127.95

Notebook cooler $67.29

Global 10 inch chef knife 144.95

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